CatchMyWorld: A LIVE social platform to give back to the World

We strongly believe in a more united World where each individual makes an impact to change the World for the best. When developing the most exciting LIVE social entertainment platform on the web - CatchMyWorld, we always had in mind that giving back to our community was crucial.

CatchMyWorld connects charities with the World LIVE: our users are located worldwide and enjoy our platform because it allows them to share their passions with pictures, LIVE and recorded videos, and interact with the World while meeting -at the same time- like minded individuals all over the World.

Users share their passions with a focus on 8 categories:
'Travel', 'Outdoors', 'Action Sport', 'Wellness', 'Music', 'Fashion', 'Events', 'Technology'.

Aside where users communicate and share their world with the World, we have developed Become one of our Non-Profit Partners

We developed a specific site ( and framework to help non-profit organizations increase awareness about the causes they support and defend. This framework gives access to all the functionalities and fun interactive tools developed for Plus, we designed .org framework such as each non-profit organization can customize its own page with its identifiable message statement, color and else; post news; upload/share any media (videos, pictures); and of course LIVE stream its events directly via mobile LIVE broadcasting with an iPhone, iPad or Android Phone/Tablet. is available on any computers (Desktop/Laptop) and mobile devices (Phone/Tablet). and are completely connected. Users on generate contents that are awarded by CatchMyWorld's 'virtual' money called 'CatchFunds'.

When non-profit organizations create a profile page on, they become CatchMyWorld's Non-Profit Partners. Being a Partner means that non-profit organizations benefit from CatchMyWorld's LIVE social media platform to increase their visibility to the World.

CatchFunds are intended to be given back to Non-Profit Partners: users on have to distribute their CatchFunds to Non-Profit Partners of their choice. With a variety of non-profit organizations featured on, users can support the causes close to their heart by sending their CatchFunds.

When sending to Non-Profit Partners, CatchMyWorld's CatchFunds become real $$$$.

Be part of the most exciting LIVE social media entertainment community: join and become one of our Non-Profit Partners!

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