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We just created our CatchMyWorld page! Keep tuned...VERB TV will broadcast LIVE very soon!

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  1. gregrson78
    gregrson784 years ago
    Hey Verbtv, can we watch your programs in Seattle ?
  2. Kate_m
    Kate_m4 years ago
    What's the best spots in South CA to surf? Thanks for the info:-)
  3. Joyce
    Joyce4 years ago
    You can zoom with your iPhone? cool! cannot wait to see more LIVE
  4. VERB TV
    VERB TV4 years ago
    Thanks Fabuella! We are located in a Newport Beach, California- today's LIVE was at a local break around here. More to come soon- plus we plan on getting a zoom lens for the iPhone that will allow us to get quality surf shots as we are shooting with our television cameras. Thank you for watching!
  5. Fabuella
    Fabuella4 years ago
    Cool je viens de Catcher VerbTV...I am watching you right now! Cool weather...where are you located?
  6. VERB TV
    VERB TV4 years ago
    Aurelia- yes, we can be seen on television in San Diego, Orange Count and Santa Barbara on Cox and Time Warner Cable- Thanks!
  7. VERB TV
    VERB TV4 years ago
    Aloha Catchers- thanks for your interest! We are just getting started with CatchMyWorld and will have some extremely cool stuff to share with you starting today, 3/8/14 at approximately 7am PST. We wil be streaming a surf session with local OC shaper Todd Messick of Art in Motion ad the surf is going to be GOOD.
  8. Vikafun
    Vikafun4 years ago
    Oh..... exciting
  9. John_w
    John_w4 years ago
    Love surfing!
  10. Aurelia
    Aurelia4 years ago
    Are you on TV as well ?
  11. Mike
    Mike4 years ago
    When are you broadcasting?
  12. Pablo
    Pablo4 years ago
    That is great! I like surf so much...when do you plan to brodcast Live?
  13. Mike
    Mike4 years ago
    Very cool!

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    VERB TV is Southern California's SURF TV Network.  VERB can be seen in 2 million homes in San Diego, Orange County and Santa Barbara on COX and Time warner cable, featuring the best surf programming on the planet.  Catch our original program Surf Scene with Peter "PT" Townend, Rip Curl Search TV, and the best surf content available from independent filmmakers around the globe. Check your local listings!
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