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Interview Freestyle Cup with Tibs


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Tibs Parise: Tibs Parise recorded the most exceptional moments of this LIVE: Wow'It and share the video with all your CatchFriends!
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    Action Sport

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    Marseille, France


Comments: 7

  1. Ninousse
    Ninousse3 years ago
    Moi j'adore les Calanques de Marseille bien sûr !
  2. Tropico
    Tropico3 years ago
    En mode décontracté cette interview ;)
  3. Mike
    Mike4 years ago
    Should have been there :-(
  4. Chups
    Chups4 years ago
    Hello Tibs c'est qui le skatteur que tu as interviewé ?
  5. Luisa90
    Luisa904 years ago
    :-) Marseille? wanna go there!
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